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Star Multi Bagger

Young companies with the potential to grow exponentially – hand-picked by Starindia through its deep research, extensive experience and insights. The objective is to identify growing companies, which have the potential to become future leader. It is our prime goal to enable our clients to grow their wealth. ‘Multibagger’ team of research analysts have years of experience in spotting potential multibagger stocks using a set of screeners which focuses on fundamental analysis of a company (quantitative and qualitative analysis). The Star India ‘Multibagger’ team looks for businesses with the potential to grow their earnings exponentially within the short-to-medium term. These businesses are spotted through extensive research and analysis which include past performance, track record of the promoters and management, growth stage of the industry the business belongs to, its competitors, etc.


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    • Investment in the right stock at the right price at the right time
    • Do not have to track the markets in intraday
    • Stock selection is easy
    • Tracking will be done automatically
    • Less time to be spent "only to check remarks every day Hold or exit"

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