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Star Bulls Eye Plan

The stocks which have given a break out on Technical analysis chart. Technical Analysis is an analytical method which has a base of understanding demand & supply. There are stocks which form certain patterns or formations on the chart and then the price closes above / below a particular level with high volumes. Once this crucial level is broken by the price, it is called a breakout. After this breakout, the share price moves up or down drastically depending upon breakout direction. This sharp move in the price can be materialized with the help of this product. This product will give you the list of stocks which have given a breakout on that particular day with target & stop loss. This product not only recommends the stocks but also tracks it for you. Means once the stock is recommended, it will check its closing price every day and suggest you when to exit from the stock. Hence your precious time (time to track prices everyday) will be saved & which can be well spent with your loved ones.


  •  8-10 NSE FNO GROUP Market Calls on Monthly basis with 2 target & 1   stop loss
  •  SMS & Instant messenger facility
  • Proper Follow Ups, news and updated Information.
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  • Equity Market News & updates  
  • 24*7 assistance


    • Investment in the right stock at the right price at the right time

    • Do not have to track the markets in intraday

    • Stock selection is easy

    • Tracking will be done automatically

    • Less time to be spent "only to check remarks every day Hold or exit"

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200,000 / per month

540,000 / Quarterly

960,000 / Half Yearly

1,680,000 / Yearly
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